A child is one of the most precious things in the world, and changing the lives of those children in need is truly a life changing experience for all involved.
From the moment it starts, to the beautiful smile they wear, the smile they give back, is priceless.

Read About Our Organization and Mission Below.

The Smile Back Foundation was founded in July of 2011, by Kristen Robison, wife of Orthodontist Dr. Tyler Robison.

Smile Back, is a non-profit organization founded in Arizona to provide dental and orthodontic work for children up to the age of 18, that they could not otherwise afford.


The professionals who are donating their services want to give these children some helpful life skills to go with their new smiles.



Applicants for Smile Back, may be nominated or they can apply themselves to receive help for Smile Back. Each application must be filled out entirely and be accompanied by two letters of recommendation. Smile Back wants to collect as many applications as possible by October 1, 2012.


Each new smile that is born from the Smile Back program means a child has new hope, stronger self esteem, and the knowledge that he or she can create happiness for others by giving back to the community. If you know of a child that needs help to find his/her smile, make the nomination today for Smile Back.


Our 2nd annual “Smile Scholarship” awards were announced on Tue, Dec 4th, and as proud as we all were last year awarding two Smile Scholarships, this year we were very fortunate to double our scholarships to four.


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Smile Scholarship Participating Dental Professionals


Mesa AZ Dentist, Dr Gary Robison, has provided dental care to the Mesa community for over 30 years, and will provide free dental care one of the four Smile Scholarship recipients


Mesa AZ Pediatric Dentist, Dr Larry Shults, provides pediatric dental services to the Mesa community and has dedicated his pediatric dental services to two of the four Smile Scholarship recipients.


Mesa Community Dentist, Dr. Ben Whiting has been providing dental care to the Mesa community since 2001 and will provide his dental care services to one of the 2012 Smile Scholarship recipients.

The Smileback Foundation is commited to giving back to the community one smile at a time, this year we are excited to make it four!