One Smile At A Time, Is Just Not Enough

Because most of our patients are in treatment with us for a year or more we have had the opportunity to see their lives change. They come in lacking confidence, because they have been teased. Extremely self-conscious, often times they won’t smile at all.
We're proud of our Smile Back Board Members and the life changing work they contribute to this great cause.

Smile Back Board Members.
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Kristen Robison, Founder, Robison Orthodontics
Steve Beck, Mesa Rotary and Chamber of Commerce
Mark Munoz, Mesa Public Schools
Greg Allen, Doctor, Shun the Sun Marathon
Spencer Wilson, Oral Surgeon
Gary Robison, Dentist, Mesa
Ben Whiting, Dentist, Mesa School Board
Debbie Forrest, A Time to Blossom
Aaron Evans, Accountant
Pete Jones, Marketing
John Leivas, Sunshine Acres
Kimberly Leivas, Sunshine Acres
Jenn Daniels, Gilbert City Council
Mark Sorensen, Certified Financial Planner
Lane Spencer, Homebuilder
Jason Fischbeck, Automated Environments/AZ West Contracting
Blake Robison, Orthodontist
Brent Tyler Robison, Orthodontist
James Johnson, Pediatric Dentist - Gilbert
Larry Shults, Pediatric Dentist - Mesa
Cindy Kellis, Real Estate Broker, Marketing